Long life. Low watts. No cost!

Yes. You read it right. Zero Investment Changeover allows business owners to take control of their energy future and retrofit their facilities with ultra efficient lighting options. This comes with no cost as we have industry leading financial options for LED and energy efficient lighting projects. Zero Investment Changeover will replace your old traditional light fittings and replace them for new LED with no upfront cost. It also works on turn key basis as well. Switch to LED lighting can result in energy savings of 50-70% and maintenance costs are practically zero. You simply pay 'lease' from savings made on your electricity bill. Go green by implementing LED lights which reduce your energy use and carbon footprint, and totally removes your ongoing replacement and maintenance costs.

Zero Investment Changeover to Energy efficient LED lighting and Pay only 50-70% out of the savings made from energy savings on month to month basis.

How DOES it work?

It’s as easy as flicking the switch

Cost benefit
examination and
light plan

Client will share a light plan
and we will share
cost-cutting and analysis
within two weeks.

Implementation of
custom light plan

Upon client approval,
Ecova takes
care of the investment
and installation.

No cost lighting

Never worry about
maintenance cost and
lease payment as it is less
than your energy savings.


Zero Investment Changeover facilitates the application of high-tech lighting to achieve minimum long-term costs and CO2 emissions for your organization.

You are not investing in LED lamps of uncertain durability, but you are assured top quality lighting without maintenance.

Better light

Excellent lux values, diffusion and homogeneity

Cheaper light

50-70% reduction in your cost of lighting

Cleaner light

Lower CO2 emissions

No concerns

We are at your beck and call

LED Lease in practice

Saving on lighting will only work if the quality of light is preserved or even enhanced. That's why LED Lease works in close cooperation with its customers to deliver smart, state-of-the-art concepts in sustainable lighting.


Parking garages

Retail chains




Activity Log for
Zero Investment Changeover

  • Ecova
  • Customer awareness about Zero Investment Changeover
  • Proposed Lighting Plan
  • Energy Saving calculations
  • Detailed proposals
  • Agreement
  • Changeover of lighting
  • Transferring the lighting
  • Client
  • Principle acceptance
  • Existing lighting plan and details
  • Agreement
  • Bank/Corporate guarantee
  • Monthly rentals


What is the duration of a Zero Investment Changeover?

The light contracts generally run for 3 to 5 years, but shorter contracts are possible. If you prefer to pay for the lighting system at once, you will still have the full extent of the warranties and services.

If we move, what will happen to our lighting contract?

Contact Ecova for a customized solution.

Could I just purchase the lamps in the middle of the contract?

Yes. When you buy in the middle of the contract, we offer balance period rental rebate predefined as per the contract.

How can Ecova guarantee the lifetime and performance?

Ecova controls the quality on behalf of its customers. This goes beyond certificates and warranties. Our design includes analysis and the heat management of components

What's in the fine print?

Nothing. There is no fine print.



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